Discount Tickets - Universal Studios Florida™, SeaWorld® and more

If you are planning on arriving early or staying late for vacation, Hello Florida! offers exclusive attraction tickets specifically for AlphaGraphics attendees and their families. Be sure to take advantage of these offers and enjoy the many exciting theme parks Orlando has to offer.

Click here to purchase reduced rate tickets for any of the venues below. All ticket orders must be placed by July 16, 2017. Attraction and Dinner Show tickets do not include transportation.

Reduced Rate Venues:

SeaWorld® Orlando

Immerse yourself in wonder at SeaWorld® Orlando, where the aquatic world comes alive like no place else. Climb aboard and ride the mighty Manta®. Experience the power and grace of killer whales in the awe-inspiring Shamu® show One Ocean®. Share an epic voyage with sea turtles on the 3D, 360-degree TurtleTrek®. And there’s nothing cooler than seeing the world through the eyes of a penguin in the thrilling, chilling adventure of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin®. Guests can also enjoy the all-new Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High, a show full of adventure, fun and big personalities, where laughter and education go hand in hand.

Universal Studios Florida™

Hang on tight. Your heroes are about to burst through the screen and yank you into the story. You’re the star here and you’ll disappear into one jaw-dropping adventure after another. Dodge evil villains. Defend the earth. Face a fire-breathing dragon. Wander into animated worlds where characters you love are suddenly right beside you. Go beyond the screen, behind the scenes and jump into the action of your favorite films at the world’s premier movie and TV based theme park.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure™

Prepare for a place where super heroes, beasts and magical creatures stand before you. You're entering lands where everything is real. Explore a secret school of witchcraft and wizardry. Fly high above the city streets with a famous web slinger. Hide from hungry dinosaurs and hope you're not their next meal. And you can face the most colossal ape ever to walk the earth. Let the adventures begin.

Medieval Times Dinner Show

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament suspends guests between past and present with a heart-pounding show that tells a tale of devotion, courage and love.

North America’s most popular dinner attraction invites you to embark on an unforgettable journey! Travel through the mist of time where bold Knights on spirited horses display the incredible athleticism and thrilling swordfights that are the hallmark of this truly unique family entertainment. A sweeping musical score and sparking lights provide the backdrop for a magical experience that presses the boundaries between fairy tale and spectacle.

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show

Join us for a comedy mystery show where you become the detective and solve the crime! Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Show is a 2 ½-hour long experience that will keep you talking for years to come!

Once everyone is assembled, you will be treated to a hilarious 45-minute comedy mystery where all the clues are presented and you help us solve the crime. Enjoy a delicious dinner as your table becomes a team and formulates insightful (and not so insightful) questions for the live interrogation.

After dinner, a detective moves around the room, allowing each table to ask their questions and uncover additional clues. It’s improvisational comedy that will have you in side-splitting laughter as you solve the crime!

Your evening concludes with your choice of a yummy “mystery” dessert as you make your final guess as to who committed the crime. Then, watch as the detective unveils the actual criminal and awards fun prizes to those of you who were successful Sleuths!

Cape Canaveral – Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center offers a variety of exciting attractions and tours. From the dawn of space exploration to current and ongoing missions, you can get an up-close, hands-on feel for the story of humans in space.

Heroes & Legends - Celebrate the pioneers of NASA’s early space programs which inspired a nation to reach for the stars. Walk among giants in the Rocket Garden and appreciate the technology that taught us how to defy gravity.

Behind the Gates - Go behind the gates and get access to historic launch sites and working spaceflight facilities on Kennedy Space Center Bus Tours.

Race to the Moon - What began as a space race between two world superpowers fostered inspiration about perseverance, ingenuity and destiny. Now, witness the size and scale of the Saturn V moon rocket, and feel the emotion of the Apollo ere with a captivating collection of experiences.

Shuttle: A Ship Like No Other

Stand in awe of an American icon at the permanent home of the actual space shuttle Atlantis. Then, strap yourself in for liftoff at the Shuttle Launch Experience®.

Nasa Now & Next

Explore space in current and future missions. Immerse yourself in the science of current missions to the International Space Station and upcoming missions to explore deep space. View Earth like an astronaut in 3D films at IMAX® Theater and travel to the Red Planet in Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted.


Driving time: Approximately 60 – 75 minutes

Cocoa Beach

If there's a convenient, get-there- easily beach for Central Floridians, it has to be Alan Shepard Beach Park at Cocoa Beach. What most people care about when they go there is to have a great beach day, in a clean, safe environment and close to all kinds of stores, eateries and beach bums-related retail shops.

Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach remains one of the few Florida destinations where you can drive the minivan onto the sand, park it and unload for an easy family day in the sun and surf on lifeguard- patrolled beaches. But this traditional Atlantic Ocean vacation spot also boasts a boardwalk and pier, natural wonders and kid-friendly attractions, including new beachfront parks and a dazzling water park and family entertainment center just blocks off the beach.

New Smyrna Beach

Quiet New Smyrna Beach has 13 miles of white-sand beach. Its offshore rock ledges create excellent wave breaks -- which surfers love -- and lessen dangerous undertows. Surfboards and boogie boards can be rented from concessionaires and surf shops.

Canaveral National Seashore

What you'll find here are pristine beaches of large-grained sand, heaped into dunes like Mother Nature intended - untainted by car exhaust and unleveled by bulldozers. The Canaveral National Seashore, which includes beaches from south of New Smyrna Beach to Titusville, is one of the last of the Florida wildernesses.